Change a running system

We are convinced that sustainability and top performance are not mutually exclusive. However, as long as success in business and competitive sport is measured exclusively by key figures such as medals and profitability, other values are pushed into the background. We see ourselves as ambassadors of mountain biking and representatives of our partners.

Our mission in the coming years is to:

  • regularly and permanently supply young talents to the world's best
  • Being a role model for reliability & responsibility
  • to be successful in sporting and economic terms
  • Establish a concept for sustainable athlete development and athlete health

 Our focus is on the following areas:


Integration of the different stakeholders

  • Team events + personal exchange with all involved (athlete | coach | parents | sponsors)
  • Knowledge transfer to the home trainers
  •  physiotherapeutic care
  • Talent selection process
  • structured team meetings 


Sustainable care, support for the next generation, on and off the track

  • Neuronal development
  • Stress recovery monitoring
  • Sports Psychological Development (Mental Strength)
  • Reflection and feedback system
  • LIFO® Strengths Management
  • Communication 
  • Media competence


Physiological and physical simulations, training platform, testing of new methods

  • Coordination between head coach and home coach
  • Potential analysis
  • Performance Testing
  • Data analysis
  • Functional diagnostics


Performance diagnostics, load control, medical & functional diagnostics

  • Access to the latest scientific findings through TRAINALYZED
  • Use of NIRS technology
  • Expertise through extensive networks
  • Central Athlete Database TRAINALYZER


Individualised nutrition plans for optimal performance & health

  • Nutrition planning
  • Training
  • Competition
  • Regeneration
  • Injury case
  • Micronutrient supplementation
  • Substrate consumption and energy supply


Position optimisation, material tests/optimisation

  • Material selection optimization
  • Bikefitting
  • Chassis and tyre tuning
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