TREK is looking for the talents of tomorrow - apply now!

Our Team TREK | VAUDE has established itself in the U23 World Cup over the past two years. In the coming year, we will focus fully on the development of young talent, with even greater support from the American family company TREK.

Together we are on the lookout for the talents of tomorrow!

In order to receive one of the coveted test places, you could apply for it until midnight on October 10. The first of these events will take place on November 19 and 20, 2022 at the Trek Store Fürth.

All information about the event can also be found on TREK’s blog:  BLOG

Your benefits through The TREK Talent Scouting

All participants in the talent scouting

You get special conditions with our partners

  • Free access to training software TRAINALYZER and Wahoo RGT
  • 4-5 times per year exclusive participation in TREK Talents webinars
  • Regular information from TREK coaches on training – nutrition – regeneration
  • Possibility to participate in training and talent days

In addition, participants who are invited to the Performance Days will receive

  • Performance diagnostics by the TREK | VAUDE coaches including training recommendations
  • Goodie bag of TREK | VAUDE worth € 200
  • Direct contact to coaches and team management of TREK | VAUDE
  • Possibility of local support by TREK*
  • Invitation to the European Talent Days at Area47
  • The chance to become a TREK team rider one day

This concludes the first round of applications.
Follow us on Instagram and don’t miss out on how and when you can take advantage of your next chance and receive news about the event if you have applied.
And if you missed your chance to apply for Fürth … then you should definitely check out instagram, there is still a surprise waiting in the coming days.

What an unbelievably great first event in Fürth, thanks to all who were there__

Application Form__

More information about the performance tests__

TRAINALYZED uses the innovative NIRS technology to perform a step test. The test is performed with your own bike on a Wahoo KICKR. The step protocol is selected according to the body weight and performance level so that the test duration is about 30-45 min.

NIRS technology measures muscular oxygen saturation using light beams near the infrared spectrum. The procedure is completely non-invasive and therefore painless. With the help of the data recorded in real time during the complete test, we get detailed information about the current performance, the training design of the last months as well as available potentials to improve performance in the future.

You can find more information at TRAINALYZED

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